Creating Foundational Support for Low-Income Students




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Our Mission

During COVID-19, schools have settled on distance learning as a way for students to continue to learn despite the stay-at-home order. For low income students, this has become an issue for their academic success, as they can no longer rely on resources usually provided at school or may not be able to prioritize buying school supplies. Our goal is to help these low income students overcome this barrier by providing them with the resources they need to achieve academic success.

Our Process

We rely on generous donations to help our community's low-income students. With the donations, we buy basic school supplies and send them directly to low income families' doors. We receive referrals of students in need through organizations and personal network. We also keep a list of other resources updated for families to turn to for support.

Hear From Low-Income Students

Students from Minds Matter SF speak on educational support and its importance to their future success.