Organization Donors

Thank you to all the generous organizations that have supported SupplyHopeInfo through setting up separate fundraisers, donating money, supplies, and more. We appreciate all support given and can further help the community.


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Individual Changemakers

Thank you to the individuals who donated their time, advice, and supplies. Because of you, we were able to provide more than just a package of supplies.


Genevieve Lo

Maria Paulino

Paul Andam

Peter Rapier​ ​​


Christine Kim

John & Ann Mongan

Individual Contributors

Thank you to all individual contributors who have donated financially to SupplyHopeInfo. We rely heavily on funds to continue this project. By donating financially we are able to keep helping students and making an impact by purchasing them supplies.  

SupplyHopeInfo's Backpack 


If you were a school supply, you’d be a backpack, holding everything together and creating a sturdy foundation for higher education. 

Aaron Pollock

Terence Chu

SupplyHopeInfo's Gel Pens & Post-Its


If you were school supplies, you'd be glitter gel pens and post-its- must haves for organizing and retaining your notes.

Jeff Green

Steven Liu

Melissa Li

Masa Fisher

Kimberly Martinson

Teong Wong 

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